Based in the heart of Lebanon, Beirut, Heavy Oil Distribution Company (HODICO S.A.L) was founded in 2001 after the merger of two experts in the oil distribution industry. 

From that point, the regional and local thirty-year-experience was able to broaden its vision, increase the dynamism of its services, and certainly was able to be the number one in reliability on the local Lebanese and regional markets. 

HODICO has been trading with most regional markets for many years, among which: Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Italy, USA and Turkey. It strives to do so to ensure a wide market for its wide range of products lines, as it has locally become an eminent market player for Gasoil, Bitumen(Asphalt), Fuel Oil, LPG/Propane (in bulk),Gasoline and different types of liquid solvents. 

HODICO has developed along those years a network of storehouses, a fleet of trucks, and a wide range of dealers spread all over the Middle East, able to supply industrial partners with different energy products. It is currently expanding its trading scope by expanding its privately owned petrol stations to become a key player in the local retail energy business, supplying oil derivatives directly to end users.

HODICO has been fully committed to strive for excellence in all fields of operations, from maintaining the highest quality standards of our products, satisfying customers through an outstanding level of quality service and value, and finally,through continuously improving our products and services. HODICO has been known for its alertness defined by its ability to predict the fluctuations of its wide local and international markets and more importantly, by its openness and vitality clearly observed through its immediate which enabled the company to avoid its customers any inconveniences and made it number one in reliability. As our alertness and dynamism has paid back locally in the 21st century, our vision will distinguish us internationally and lead us into the 22nd century.

Our mission is to:

1) Commit to offer customers' quality services & products through our experienced team.

2) Strive to capitalize on the company's skilled people in order to develop our services to involve additional oil-related solutions.

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July 2024 - Week 28
Gasoline 98 1689000 LBP
Gasoline 95 1651000 LBP
Diesel Oil 1518000 LBP
Fuel Oil
LPG 890000 LBP


Grey Center, 2nd Floor

P.O. Box: 90326 - Jdeidet El - Metn

Mirna El Chalouhi - Sin El Fil
Beirut Lebanon

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